Protection and Rescue Service of Lausanne (Switzerland)
The control room.

Protection and Rescue Service of Lausanne (Switzerland)

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Wherever saving lives and protecting property are the order of the day, man and machine are put to the test on a daily basis. The success of these efforts relies crucially on ultra-fast information exchange, precise coordination and absolutely reliable communication lines.

At the fire and rescue department in the Swiss town of Lausanne Commend AG, which serves the Swiss market, has been a reliable system partner for many years. Fully automated alarms and semi-automated announcements covering the entire premises are managed managed via the central Control Desk whenever the 120 fire fighters and their 70 vehicles are called out to a case – on average 2,200 times a year.

After the recent upgrade with two Control Desks EE 380 and 40 Intercom stations, the system now uses a GE-800 Intercom Server in combination with an Audiocom Server and various Public Address components to ensure full readiness and reliable availability around the clock. The helpers especially appreciate the centralised access control features and wide support of mobilisation processes.

 Further details can be found in the recently published Case Study.

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