Integrated Intercom Solutions

for People, Buildings and Assets

Speech. Images. Data.

For security with enhanced communication.

This includes the networking of visual and audible information. Commend has developed a digital system platform that meets the highest security and communication requirements – with a uniform operating interface, interactive, modular and adaptive.

Because every word counts

Because every word counts, everything speaks for solutions from Commend. Because every second may be decisive, people need a technology which not only functions, but is 100 percent reliable – in all situations, 24 hours a day. 

At Commend, we are fully aware of our responsibilities as every day, millions of people worldwide rely on us. Whether in the London Underground system, in a multi-storey car park in France, in a steel mill in china or in a hospital in the USA: effective communications and security are our driving forces.

For this reason, we continue each day to develop and work on intercom solutions which are better and simpler but which at the same time open up new possibilities. Solutions which not only serve their purpose, but which also provide a feel-good factor. The feeling of security and trust.

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