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At airports, efficiency and security are essential to keep people safe and business going. Good communication is a crucial factor that none of these centres of activity could do without. The costs resulting from departure delays, security breaches, lost baggage and other possible problems are enormous. The huge numbers of transitory passengers must be kept informed and must feel comfortable and safe. At the same time, the security personnel must be able to keep an eye on all processes and manage daily routine as well as extreme situations.

Solutions for Airports

Solutions for Airlines

Applications and Key Benefits

Intercom stations and loudspeakers for Public Address purposes and announcements for waiting areas, lifts and turnstiles

Intercom modules that integrate into terminals and devices (e. g., check-in terminals), as well as software-based Intercom stations for existing multimedia info terminals offer passengers instant assistance at the touch of a button.

  • Silent Alarm for Check-In counter, passport and security control
  • Operational Communication for logistics service
  • Multi-functional Commend Control Desks make responding to emergency situations quick and easy.
  • Automatic warning and reassurance messages can be triggered at the touch of a button to deescalate critical situations.
  • Coordinating help and rescue services via radio communication, directing staff via Intercom or mobilising special forces via telephone – all from the same central Control Desk

At airports, natural communication and clear intelligibility are essential. Information arrives loud and clear without the need to check back, so mishearing the person at the other end can be virtually eliminated. As a result, not a single word or precious second is lost in emergency situations.

  • Airport Solution
  • Perfect speech intelligibility (even against the background noise of a busy airport)

    High volume – Background noise suppression – Intelligent Volume Control (IVC) – OpenDuplex® and 16 kHz eHD Voice Audio Bandwidth

  • Information Terminals and Emergency Call Stations for Airports

    Information Terminals and Emergency Call Stations for Airports
    • For waiting areas, passenger airlocks, lifts, etc., either wall-mounted or integrated into columns or check-in machines
    • Resistant against vandalism and rough ambient conditions (water, dirt, dust)
    • Special DDA/ADA compliant Intercom stations for people with visual or hearing impairments
  • Public Address and Informational Announcements

    Public Address and Informational Announcements
    • IP Loudspeakers and IP amplifiers for terminals, shuttle buses, parking facilities, etc.
    • Announcements via Intercom stations can reach all terminals or can be zone-bound (Gates) e.g search for missing persons
    • Automated voice messages for information, warning of danger or evacuation
  • Assembly Modules for ticket machines and barriers

    Assembly Modules for ticket machines and barriers
    • Intercom-Modules in barriers, in register machines or ticket machines
    • Bi-directional video and customized solutions possible
  • Security Control Desks for Airports

    Overview – Surveillance – Control
    Security Control Desks for Airports

    Control Desk systems by Commend provide a continuous system-wide overview to support instant reaction in case of an emergency. Thanks to the highly user-friendly GUI, managing even complex Intercom networks or video and control functions is a breeze.

    • Call management is tailored to the needs and workflows of the application environment
    • Calls can be forwarded automatically to other Control Desks, Intercom stations (stationary or mobile), or to land-line telephones
    • Automatic call distribution at peak times or at night, including automatic call prioritisation
  • Software solutions for Airport Control Desks

    Audio – Video – Data
    Software solutions for Airport Control Desks
    • The location of the calling terminal, including an optional video feed, is displayed on-screen
    • Event logging
    • Statistical analysis reports: call centre efficiency, distribution of call times as a basis for optimised staff planning, etc.
    • Audio and/or video recording
  • Lift Emergency Calls

    Lift Emergency Calls

    The Intercom module in the lift car performs constant self-monitoring and testing routines. It is therefore maintenance-free in compliance with EN 81.

  • Integrated System

    Integrated System

    Interfaces / Input – Output control
    • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance or building management system
    • Integration of telephone-lines and VoIP-Systems (SIP/IAX)
    • Active monitoring of input signals for various purposes, such asfire or intruder alarms
    • Control of output signals – e. doors and gates
  • Permanent Availability through System Self-Monitoring

    Permanent Availability through System Self-Monitoring

    Every call guaranteed to get through – 24/7
    • Built-in automatic functionality check within the stations (loudspeaker/microphone-monitoring) 
    • Connection monitoring
    • Redundant server fail-safety and dynamic call forwarding
    • Reduced costs thanks to low inspection requirements
  • Integration of mobile radio communication systems

    Unified communication platform
    Integration of mobile radio communication systems
    • Integration of mobile radio communication (TETRA / Analogue).
    • Simultaneous scanning of up to 8 channels (channel mixing), allowing operators to follow conversations on several channels simultaneously.
    • One or more radio channels selectable at the simple touch of a button.
    • Display of caller identity (ISSI) and Status message transfer (SDS)
  • Solutions for Airlines
  • Radio over IP

    Radio over IP

    Pilots can report required information ahead to the service centre at the destination airport to reduce processing and turnaround times upon arrival.

    • Mobile radio communication support throughout the Intercom System
    • Simultaneous scanning of up to 8 channels (channel mixing)
    • One or more radio channels selectable at the simple touch of a button
    • Continuous interface and failure monitoring
    • Display of caller identity (ISSI)
    • Status message transfer (SDS)
  • Airline Service Centres

    Coordination through communication
    Airline Service Centres
    • Fast and efficient in-flight coordination of workflow processes
    • Radio channel scanning supports organisational processes to help reduce standing times
    • Control Desk connections via radio communication, Intercom, telephone or mobile phone to
      • Hangar / Technical Services
      • Luggage Handling Services
      • Catering and Cleaning Services
      • Boarding Crew
      • Airline Back-Office
      • Security Services
      • etc.
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Case Studies and References Airport

  • Melbourne Airport / Australia
  • Ben Guiron Airport / Israel
  • Kuala Lumpur Airport / Malaysia