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In the medical sector, seconds can be decisive in terms of life and death, especially in emergency rooms and operating theatres. Commend's security and communication solution for medical environments meets the strictest directives and regulations within this sector. It provides direct multi-site communication across facility complexes, e.g. to laboratories, blood banks, hospital pharmacies, wards and quarantine areas. What is more, they also support all necessary functions for efficient door access control, e.g. for maternity wards, nurseries etc.  Personal safety and public assistance requirements are satisfied by Intercom stations for lifts and Public Address, as well as solutions for car parks and Intercom equipped parking spaces, which provide instant access to assistance in case of problems at pay-on-foot machines and vehicle barriers.

Applications and Key Benefits

  • Access to sensitive areas is restricted to authorised personnel.
  • Door calls can be answered quickly and easily via local Control Centres (e. g., nurse’s station) to help ensure smooth workflows.
  • Instant connections to security desks, and support of optional silent alarms.
  • Hospital ward communication in connection with light signal systems.
  • Integration of radio communication between rescue services and emergency rooms.
  • Public Address support for providing information, making announcements, paging persons, and issuing warnings and alert messages.

Room surveillance

Acoustic Room Surveillance by Commend makes it easy to keep a large number of rooms under reliable acoustic observation. The sound volume level and integration times for triggering automatic calls can be set for each individual room from a central control point. Integrated audio memories enable subsequent replaying to determine the reason for the alarm

Acoustic Room Monitoring

Acoustic Room Monitoring allows staff to listen proactively and simultaneously into several rooms. The rooms to be monitored can be selected conveniently on the Control Desk terminal. If staff are present in monitored rooms, this is indicated at the Control Desk terminal. Acoustic monitoring can easily be deactivated temporarily by entering a code at the room's terminal (e. g., while doctors or relatives are in the room).

Cyclic acoustic monitoring (Audio Scanning)

This function allows for monitoring specific rooms acoustically through their Intercom terminals on a regular basis. At the Control Desk, staff can select individual terminals for monitoring. Audio scanning will be interrupted automatically whenever the Control Desk receives a call from any of the rooms. Once the call is finished, the scanning sequence will resume automatically.

  • Solutions for hospitals and clinics
  • Superior Speech intelligebility

    Extra high volume capacity – Active background noise suppression – Intelligent Volume Control (IVC) – 16 kHz eHD Voice speech quality

  • Intercom Stations for medical environments and clean rooms

    Operating theatres, intensive care wards and treatment rooms
    Intercom Stations for medical environments and clean rooms
    • Conforms to EN 60601-1 (2nd Edition)
    • Closed-sealed membrane surface
    • Special anti-bacterial membrane
    • Hands-free talking in crystal clear audio quality
    • Resistant against detergents and disinfectants
    • In-house communication for hygienically sensitive areas
  • Access control for doors and security sensitive areas (e. g., intensive care or neonatal wards)

    Access control for doors and security sensitive areas (e. g., intensive care or neonatal wards)
    • Secured access to buildings, including video surveillance for points of entrance; calls not answered at the reception desk can be forwarded automatically to mobile devices.
    • Add-in modules for vehicular entry/exit gates.
    • DDA/ADA compliant Intercom stations enabling barrier-free access for people with mobility, visual or hearing impairments.
    • Optional integration of access readers and access control systems
    • Perfect acoustic intelligibility, even against loud background noise.
  • Easy Control Desk Management

    From the nurses' room to a central control station
    Easy Control Desk Management

    Reliable communication connections between nurses’ stations, wards and central Control Desks. A central workstation provides a full system overview for receptionists and nursing staff so they can respond instantly in an emergency.

    • Receiving Emergency- and Infocalls
    • Announcements and Alerting
    • Reporting, Scheduling, Call Statistics
    • Voice recording
    • Connections with Building management systems
  • Reception

    • Intercom Station models for reception areas, for answering door calls, paging persons in the building, etc.
    • Automatic call forwarding (Intercom station / mobile radio / land-line telephone) if reception desk is temporarily unattended.
    • Intercom Client app for (internal/external) mobile phone and tablet devices allows for location-independent use of communication and control functions.
  • Audio Monitoring

    Acoustic patient monitoring

    Commend Audio Monitoring allows for a sustained acoustic monitoring of patients and rooms, offering nursing staff an easy-to-use, uniform control platform that helps them to make patient care even more caring - and more efficient.

    • Permanent sound volume monitoring on Intercom terminals.
    •  Any sound exceeding the pre-set volume threshold level will trigger an automatic call to the Control Desk.
  • Public Address via IP connections

    Public Address via IP connections
    • IP Amplifiers and IP Loudspeakers (projector, horn loudspeaker, ceiling speakers), ready for plug-in network connection
    • Voice announcements for public transport boarding points and waiting areas
    • Playback of pre-recorded voice messages for information, warning and evacuation purposes (addressable to individual boarding points or across all connected sites)
    • Activation of media players for background music or radio feeds
  • Integration of mobile radio communication systems

    Direct communication with emergency services
    Integration of mobile radio communication systems
    • Integration of mobile radio (Tetra / Analog) for communication with emergency services.
    • Simultaneous scanning of up to 8 channels (channel mixing), allowing operators to follow conversations on several channels simultaneously.
    • One or more radio channels selectable at the simple touch of a button.
    • Display of caller identity (ISSI) and Status message transfer (SDS).

  • Ethernet (IoIP/SIP), 2-Wire, 4-Wire

  • Software solutions for Hospital Control Desks

    Audio – Video – Data
    Software solutions for Hospital Control Desks
    • Indication of the calling terminal’s location, and optional automatic display of a video/CCTV connection
    • Event logging
    • Audio and/or video recording
  • Lift Emergency Calls

    Lift Emergency Calls

    The Intercom panel in the lift car performs constant self-monitoring and testing routines. It is therefore maintenance-free in compliance with EN 81.

  • Integrated System

    Integrated System

    Interfaces / Input – Output control
    • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance or building management systems
    • Integration of telephone-lines and VoIP systems (SIP/IAX)
    • Active monitoring of input signals for various purposes, such as smoke alarms, motion detectors, door intrusion detectors
    • Control of output signals – e. g. for Doors
  • Permanent availability through system self-monitoring

    Permanent availability through system self-monitoring

    Every call guaranteed to get through – 24/7
    • Intercom Stations come equipped with automated functionality self-monitoring (loudspeaker/microphone self-monitoring)
    • Connection monitoring
    • Redundant server fail-safety and dynamic call forwarding
    • Saves costs by eliminating the need for manual function testing
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