Tunnel Notrufsystem

Tunnel Emergency Call System

Transport & Infrastructure

Roadside breakdowns and accidents in tunnels are a source of great danger. Also, the environment is heavily exposed to high levels of noise, dust and moisture. Help Points cannot always be installed behind soundproof doors. Water seepage and frequently used tunnel washing equipment means everything has to be water resistant. Integration of voice, video, alarm monitoring and control functions are essential to enable the Control Room operator to manage the situation in and around the  tunnel efficiently. Communication to and from drivers, control of lighting, ventilation and traffic lights, signals and barriers are all a part of Commend’s Tunnel system applications.

Applications and Benefits

  • Easy, gapless road tunnel surveillance
  • Optimised use of staff resources
  • Maximum safety and help for road users
  • Short emergency response times
  • Investment protection, thanks to flexible expansion options
  • Tunnel Solution
  • Superior Speech intelligebility regardless of tunnel noise

    Extra high volume capacity – Active background noise suppression – Intelligent Volume Control (IVC) – 16 kHz eHD Voice speech quality

  • Emergency Call Stations for road tunnels

    Emergency Call Stations for road tunnels
    • Resistant against vandalism and rough ambient conditions (water, dirt, dust)
    • Extensive range of Intercom stations, including custom tailored Intercom stations that satisfy national requirements and regulations
    • Existing stations can be easily replaced and the existing cabling can be used
  • Ethernet (IoIP/SIP), 2-Wire, 4-Wire

  • Providing information over the full spectrum of supported media channels

    Providing information over the full spectrum of supported media channels

    • Automated playback of voice messages
    • In-tunnel loudspeakers
    • Integration into UHF radio broadcasting systems
    • Announcements via Intercom stations
    • Radio-based communication systems (TETRA, DAB+, DMR and analogue mobile radio)
  • Permanent availability through system self-monitoring

    Permanent availability through system self-monitoring

    Every call guaranteed to get through – 24/7
    • Intercom Stations come equipped with automated functionality self-monitoring (loudspeaker/microphone self-monitoring)
    • Connection monitoring
    • Redundant server fail-safety and dynamic call forwarding
    • Saves costs by eliminating the need for manual function testing
  • Integrated System

    Integrated System

    Interfaces / Input – Output control
    • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance or traffic guidance systems.
    • Integration of radio technology for communication with employees or emergency forces
    • Active monitoring of input signals for various purposes, such as carbon monoxide alarm
    • Control of output signals – e. g. for controlling traffic signals
    • Call forwarding to telephones (PSTN, SIP-PBX-Trunk, VoIP-Interface, ...)
  • Networking

    Networking and central Intercom management for multiple tunnels

  • Easy Control Desk Management

    Overview – Surveillance – Control
    Easy Control Desk Management

    Control Desk systems by Commend provide a continuous system-wide overview to support instant reaction in case of an emergency. Thanks to the highly user-friendly GUI, managing even complex Intercom networks or video and control functions is a breeze.

    • Call management is tailored to the needs and workflows of the application environment
    • Calls can be forwarded automatically to other Control Desks, Intercom stations (stationary or mobile), or to land-line telephones
    • Automatic call distribution at peak times, including automatic call prioritisation

    Intercom Systems from Commend can be also integrated in 3rd-party control desks and control desk software.

  • Software solutions for road tunnel Control Desks

    Audio – Video – Data
    Software solutions for road tunnel Control Desks
    • Indication of the calling terminal’s location, and optional automatic display of a video/CCTV connection
    • Event logging
    • Audio and/or video recording
  • Options

    • Door and Access Control

Intercom stations and modules to suit any requirement

Your emergency call solution for tunnels is just one click away