Intercom Software Clients

Custom tailored Virtual Intercom Stations for ultimate mobility, flexibility and convenience

Use your Commend Intercom stations to your maximum advantage: With proven hardware solutions for large-scale Control Desks, rough environments and any application requiring seamless hardware and software interaction to meet your requirements. Take advantage of the benefits of software-based Intercom Clients in all tasks that require flexibility and location independence. Fully mobile and integrating seamlessly with existing equipment, they deliver reliable performance in a minimum of space and adjust easily to individual user needs. Ideally suited for call centres, embedded terminals, maintenance and office management, the Commend Software Intercom Clients enhance your scope of action while boosting system security.

  • Software Intercom Client for Windows®: Turns any Windows-based computer into an Intercom station.
  • Software Intercom Client for Android®: Supports your mobility on a tablet device or mobile phone.
  • Software Intercom Client for iOS®: Brings Intercom convenience to your iOS device.