Control Desk Management and Multi-Site Networking

For a perfect overview and control

Commend Control Desk systems provide a full overview of the entire system, enabling staff to take quick action in emergency situations. Even complex Intercom networks or video and control functions can be put at the operator’s fingertips easily and reliably, thanks to the highly user-friendly GUI.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use operating concept ensures a clear overview of all hardware and software components at the Control Desk. This allows full concentration on the caller (visitors, people need help, staff, ...).
  • User-friendly control functions for managing all information sources converging at the Control Desk, i. e., audio, video and data.
  • Seamless logging and audio/video recording help to improve service quality at the Control Desk and make tracing individual communication events a breeze.
  • Calls can be forwarded automatically to other Control Desks, Intercom stations (stationary/mobile) or land-line telephones. This way, staff can be reached even when they are not at the Control Desk.
  • Automatic call distribution to multiple Control Desks at peak times, including call prioritisation (e. g., emergency calls)

Software Solutions for Control Desks

What has happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? What needs to be done to be of maximum help to the caller? Commend software Studio provides vital details like these in a clean, well-structured way. It does so by providing an interactive visualisation of all Control Desk functions.

  • Visualisation

    ComWIN Visualisation

    ComWIN – Visualisation Module

    ComWIN translates even large, complex Intercom systems into clean on-screen visualisation views. Events can easily be marked on floor plans and maps using freely placeable icons. The display will automatically switch to the maps that are relevant to ongoing incidents. This helps the operator to keep their focus on the most critical event at any moment. The priority levels can be configured to suit individual needs and preferences.

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    Control Desk Visualisation
  • Logs and reports

    Live logging and reports

    ComREPORT – Reporting and Statistics Module

    ComREPORT logs all system events and stores the details in a database. Whether at their desk or on the go (using WebClient), users can easily monitor, filter and analyse system events and transaction data on their Intercom system in real time. Statistical analyses, such as the number of calls, their time-specific distribution, or operator performance figures can be exported into PDF files for immediate or automatic pre-scheduled e-mailing.

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    More about Logs, Reports and Audio/Video-Recording

  • Audio recording

    Audio Recording of Intercom calls

    ComREC – Audio Recording Module

    ComREC is a software-based recording solution. It allows for recording conversations, e. g. to analyse them and work out improvement strategies. ComREC is also ideally suited for reconstructing situations, as well as for evidence collection and presentation.

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    More about Logs, Reports and Audio/Video-Recording

    ComREC Screen
  • Video integration

    Video integration in intercom control desks

    ComVIDEO – Video Integration Module

    The ComVIDEO module for ComWIN enables the integration of live Video-over-IP sources (e. g., Axis, Bosch, Mobotix, etc.) into the security and communication solution. The video images are arranged on-screen in a clearly structured grid for easy viewing. Whenever a call is received, the system will automatically display the corresponding video feed. 

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    ComVIDEO Screen
  • Scheduled planning and control

    Planning and scheduling of intercom actions

    ComSCHEDULE - Planning and Control Module

    A ComWIN integrated application, ComSCHEDULE provides an easy way to schedule functions of the Intercom-system and to pre-program process sequences. The Scheduler can be used, e. g., for controlling ComWIN data points or for running various actions in the form of workflow procedures. This way, ComSCHEDULE enables individual solutions, from automatically forwarding Control Desk calls during the night shift to performing test calls (e.g., lift emergency call stations) at specific times, or managing timed announcements.

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    Planning and scheduling of intercom actions
  • Clients for Web browsers

    ComWIN webclient

    Webclient for web browsers

    Web Client eliminates the need to install device software locally. Regardless of the operating system you are using, it lets you access all data easily and at lightning speed via your browser. This way, you can answer calls without delay, forward them as necessary, add live video connections to audio calls, and even control third-party equipment such as door actuators, barrier gates, etc.

    Also ComREPORT and ComREC modules are available within the Web Client. Whether at your desk or on the go, you can easily monitor system events and transaction data on your Intercom system in real time, with options for live filtering and analysis. Export evaluations and statistics, e. g. on capacity utilisation, call waiting times, or operator performance, into PDF files, or send them by e-mail.

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    Intercom Webclient
  • Mobile Clients

    Intercom client as mobile control desk

    Software Clients for extended Control Desk functionality

    The Software Intercom Client transforms smartphones, tablets with iOS/Android and Windows-based devices into Intercom stations, taking Control Desk communication to the mobile level. As a result, Control Desk staff can operate the Control Desk remotely while on the go, doing their inspection rounds, for example.

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    Intercom client as mobile control desk
  • Integration and Interfaces


    Everything on a single platform, thanks to integration

    Commend Control Desks also interface with third-party systems such as video management and telephone systems, building automation (OPC) equipment or any database. As a result, you have full access to all control functions from a single platform. Instead of having to train for and cope with various different user interfaces, the all-in-one platform allows operators to concentrate on their work while being well informed and in full control of all systems.


    Integration possibilities

    • Video Management Systems like Milestone, Seetec, VDG ...
    • Security Systems like Lenel OnGuard, ...
    • Telephone Systems
    • Building Management Systems via OPC, ...
    • Parking Management Systems
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Mobile Radio
    • Databases
    • And many more

Hardware Systems for Control Desks

In certain application environments hardware-only Intercom stations are often the most suitable choice. They come in a variety of sizes, from handy desktop terminals to scalable modular control desks. Operated with or without visualisation or security software, they offer the speed and convenience of instant push-button or (in some models) touch-based interaction.

Intercom networking of sites

Networks with up to 25,000 subscribers

Global networking

Using IP (LAN/WAN) connections, multiple sites can be networked easily for high-quality communication. Up to 25,000 subscribers can communicate within these networks.

Application-specific Control Desk solutions

Within networked systems, different calls can be handled at the Master and Subsidiary Control Desks at the same time. In case of an overload, calls to a Control Desk can be diverted automatically to another one within the network. During non-peak times (e. g., overnight) it is possible to run only the Master Control Centre and have all calls forwarded to it.